Pensions can seem daunting but with the correct planing you can greatly improve your lifestyle in retirement.  The sooner you start even at a low level the greater the impact any pension will have.  As with any investment it is vital to review performance and changing circumstances on a regular basis.  Many of the problems in the past is where pensions have been set up and not reviewed for many years and some times not until retirement when it is too late to make any changes.

I offer a regular review service as standard and work with you to ensure every penny of your money is working to its full potential.  A pension isn't the only form of retirement planning but it should form at least a part of the solution.

If you already have a pension or a number of them then it is still also important to keep these under review.  A large part of my work is with helping clients check they are still suitable or whether more can be done with the money built up.  

Areas to consider include whether:  

• Your money is in the right place and is not being diminished by excessive charges. New contracts generally have a lower charging structure

 • You could simplify your arrangements by bringing them all under one pension

• You are investing in the right funds that match your individual attitude to investment risk, and

• Most importantly is your retirement planning on track to provide a comfortable retirement?

At Retirement Planning

When you come to retire it is vital that you carefully consider all the options available to you. Deciding what to do with your retirement savings is potentially the most important decision of your life and deserves careful consideration and professional advice.

Traditionally the most common choice is an Annuity and this may be the best option for you but it is advisable to shop around as the difference between the annuity on offer from your pension provider and the best in the market is as much as 30%.  I can offer Whole of Market research so you be confident of obtaining the very best deal available.

Other options include Drawdown, Phased Retirement and Structured 3rd Way products. Please call me on 01793 354443 for an appointment and we can discuss your individual circumstances and put the most suitable plans in place.